In ORM service our consultants will go through the existing ORM measures and test its effectiveness and implement technics to improve them if necessary. They will reduce the loses due to poorly identified risks and also identify any unlawful activities and report them to the management. The service will help organizations and establishments to lower their compliance costs and reduce any potential damage from future risks. The whole process hence focuses on improving the quality and reliability of business operations. In depth risk management is used before a project is implemented, when there is plenty of time to plan and prepare. Examples of in-depth methods include training, drafting instructions and requirements, and acquiring personal protective equipment. Deliberate risk management is used at routine periods through the implementation of a project or process. Examples include quality assurance, on-the-job training, safety briefs, performance reviews, and safety checks. Time critical risk management is used during operational exercises or execution of tasks. It is defined as the effective use of all available resources by individuals, crews, and teams to safely and effectively accomplish the mission or task using risk management concepts when time and resources are limited.


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