Luxury Retail Security services

It is our first and foremost priority to provide your company with highly trained and well-mannered people, that they will welcome your customers and create an environment of safety during their time spent with you. With precision to detail, our staff is always dressed in the appropriate attire in order to enhance and add on your company’s image, while looking after your business.

Our main goal and focus are providing high levels of security that will protect your company’s image, valuables, premises and staff, but also your clients.  It is crucial to us to create a safe and secure space for both your employees and customers.

After a full assessment, we develop a comprehensive Security Plan which includes site specific placing of manpower. Our Security Management Team works with you to achieve an outstanding outcome.

Jewelry Exhibition

Our highly trained and experienced security officers follow precise Security Industry Regulations and our own professional methods to ensure the safety of the valuables, guests and staff inside and around the exhibition area.

Our security officers inside the exhibition area will keep a close eye on every valuable while keeping a closer eye on any individual displaying unusual and disturbing behavior.

We provide security personnel that has first class behavior that corresponds perfectly with the environment they work in.

We provide security services for the entire exhibition including the setup and dismantling and we understand no two exhibitions are the same therefore we provide security that is specific to your needs.

They are well trained in providing a secure environment in and around Jewelry Boutiques and Jewelry Events. A discreet service of international jewelry escorting may be conducted upon request.

Store opening & Product launch security

At IPW we train our security personnel to assimilate to certain situations during events. At this type events, security should be trained for crowd gatherings and frequent public movement inside, outside and around the store/product.

The store will be thoroughly examined for any potential loopholes, inside and outside, and depending on the findings a report with suggestions for improvement will be submitted to the management before the inauguration of the store’s services.

Event & Crowd control security

Our event security officers are responsible for ensuring the smooth outcome of the event – from pre-opening procedures straight through until the very last event goer has left.

Our Event Security service includes, but are not limited to:

  • Thorough assessment and planning
  • Highly experienced and dedicated Operations Manager
  • Provision of expertly trained security
  • Provision of radios and all essential equipment

The quick reactions and situational know-how of our events security team will ensure that your premises and event will be safe and secure. Our staff are highly professional but also friendly, which will allow your attendees to feel comfortable and at ease throughout.

In the unfortunate event that our security guards should react to a situation, be assured that they are expertly trained to address unwelcome intruders and will react quickly to calmly diffuse and correct any given situation where necessary.

Private party, Night club, Restaurant and Bar security

Our highly skilled and professional team of Doormen and Night clubs will ensure the safety of your customers, party goers and property. Our Security Operatives will under no circumstance engage in any activity that might compromise their ability to provide complete protection to the client or invited guests.

All security specialists(Night club) are well trained and have immense previous experience to deal with any situation or altercation without spoiling the ambiance of the environment. We are firm believers that the prevention of an incident is far more valuable than a reaction to it.

Wedding Security

The security specialist used for the service will be highly trained and briefed on-site prior to the event according to the requests of the client.

The specialist team will work closely with the client and gather details of invited guests to make sure that any uninvited person or group is not allowed into the ceremonial area or its surrounding to disrupt the proceedings or mood of the auspicious day.

Our wedding security service includes but not limited to:

  • Thorough assessment and planning
  • Highly experienced and dedicated Operations Manager
  • Provision of expertly trained security

Close protection service – (with/without SUV)

Before conducting any close protective assignments, analysis and protection plans are developed in collaboration with our client. This ensures an impenetrable solution according to the risk and vulnerabilities, in compliance with the lifestyle of our client.

Our Close protection service is a zero-compromise risk mitigation and client protection service where our close protection operatives (CPO) with immense previous experience safeguards our clients with various methods while being transported or by foot.

All the Agents have previous experience in protecting Sheikhs, Foreign Dignitaries, Celebrities and Business Individuals. Our close protection officers are well trained in Threat and Risk Assessments accompanied by Close Protection Protocol and Etiquette. Each close protection officer can manage verbal and physical conflict without damaging their client’s name.

With discretion being priority our CPO’s attributes include confidentiality, commitment and unrivalled attention. Any kind of situation is managed in a very social manner. We offer highly trained CPO’s in all aspects of executive protection, and always ready to facilitate the needs of our client.

IPW Security Services can provide a fully trained and qualified team Female only Close Protection Officers.

Traffic Management

This service is offered mostly for events where our traffic flow experts will visit the event site and get to know the flow of traffic to plan parking spaces, ingress and/or egress routes and emergency vehicle routes. After closely working with the organizer, the pedestrian paths and bicycle routes will also be planned.

Independent routes are mapped to be used by the residents of the surrounding area. The strategies will also put forth the signages required, number of traffic marshals required, roadblocks required and their timings.

We work closely with Traffic Authorities to ensure all means of traffic are covered in our plan.

Static Security For Hotels, Hospitals, Malls

Static Guarding is one of the most effective deterrents against crime. Security Guards duties can also access points as well as permitting or prohibiting entry. Security Guards duties often include securing premises and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment and inspecting buildings and equipment.

Our guards will be brought to the site and given a brief of the complete security plan approved by clients. Our static security guards will assist with traffic control, gate keeping, patrolling.

Through positive training and experience we are confident our teams will exceed your expectations of static security.

Security Consulting & Design

Using our extensive experience, knowledge and training we offer consulting that is designed specifically for each client. This includes:

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • execution

We provide bulletproof plans for any situation and/or concern you might have.

Our services incorporate all aspects:

  • planning
  • concept design
  • security strategies
  • full design capability
  • implementation support and assurance.

Regardless of the project size and complexity, our aim is to provide a fully integrated end to end solution that is innovative in its approach to emerging threats and technologies.

Our holistic approach ensures that we provide a well-rounded plan ensuring your safety in all fields of business.

Crisis, Emergency, Environment & Safety Management

This service is provided to an organization and its employees who needs training on their security protocols and/or a client who needs new security measures.

Our specialist will visit the site and gather all information needed including: the number of employees, important equipment, irreplaceable documents and valuables.

We will then work closely with our client to create suitable and sustainable measures to prevent future potential losses.

Our environment and safety consultants will visit the site to inspect and evaluate the work environment, to confirm that all government safety regulations and industry standards are enforced. We will advise the client on the procedures required. The focus of the service is the protection of employees, customers and the work environment.


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